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Barbara Wright

Historian and Unwilling Adventurer

Barbara Wright (AEST)
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This is a RP journal for the Classic Doctor Who character Barbara Wright as played by spammypod

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I don't own this character, Jacqueline Hill or any of Doctor Who. I'm not earning money from this blahblahblah.

Jacqueline Hill Interview (an excerpt):

"All I knew at first, all I was actually told, was that my character was a very learned history teacher and that I was there to represent the Earth point of view when we went back in time and did the occasional serial set in the past...I always preferred the historical stories, because I was given a bit more to do in them...I adored all the dressing up that went with doing the historical stories...The good thing about Barbara was that because she was older than most of the girls since, the writers were more hesitant about making her look silly, or scream too much. That side of things was largely left to Carole Ann Ford... I think it had always been felt that Ian and Barbara, who had this slightly romantic side to their relationship, should go together much as they came – back to the London they left..."


Contact: - I can be PM'd here or at my main account, Twitter'd or Tumblr'd. I'll get any PMs and Tumblrs before anything else, however. I'm up for pretty much anything, just so long as all players are mindful of RL things like time zones, work, study, etc.

Teaspoon - relevant because I write a lot of my canon for Barbara into fanfiction.


The Story (so far)

fandom_smash - Walking back to her car after work one evening, Barbara found herself in a seemingly random place. Nothing is familiar, there's no one she knows and this place seems to constantly be changing around her. She's still working out her little niche in the Nexus and the friends she's quickly gathering are assisting her in everyway. Eventually, Ian turned up! Though, quite a few months out from Barbara. She wonders why he keeps mentioning Gretena Green....

guardian_rpg - Roughly a month after returning to Earth, Barbara received a map with a key one evening in the mail. Following the directions and using the key, lead her to an unfamiliar TARDIS, where she found the a man posing as the Doctor and, eventually, Ian. She has since learned that the Doctor can regenerate and they're all on board the Guardian's TARDIS. Though no one knows if it's owned by the White Guardian or the Black Guardian. She only hopes that one of the Doctors (or one of the robots) can fix the TARDIS so that she can go back home. But there's no harm in one more adventure before that happens...