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Barbara Wright

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Barbara hadn't ever been camping before. At least, not properly with tents and portable facilities such as showers and a barbeque, but anything Barbara and Ian didn't know, Ian's brother would. With all of his army training, Tom had far more experience than Barbara could ever hope to have, so they shouldn't have to worry about being left hungry and out in the cold.

They weren't terribly far from the site when Barbara consulted the map for the hundredth time. John sat in the back seat quietly singing Teddy Bear's Picnic as he watched the trees and rolling grass pass outside the window.

"The turn should be nearby," Barbara told Ian as she followed the important scribbly lines on the map. "I hope we haven't passed it."

Green with Envy (for splendid_roman)

It was one of the weekends John stayed with a friend, and his parents had the house to themselves for doing more or less whatever they liked without having to stop to answer questions or ask John to take his bath and get ready for bed. Of course they loved John and missed him terribly when he went away for the weekend, but it was nice to just have time together. Unlike now.

Barbara had left Ian sleeping to begin her breakfast. The world outside the kitchen window looked beautiful on that Sunday morning, and she went upstairs to dress adequately just before she started eating so that she might sit outside in the sun.
It had been a beautiful Saturday. So much so, that Barbara wanted to convince Ian to come and do his work with her at the local park. They could have taken a picnic and sat on a rug in the shade of a tree but Ian had slept in or something similar, and by the time he answered the telephone, Barbara was about to start getting ready for their evening out with his sister and her beau. So she simply invited him over a little earlier for tea and time together.

"Alice and Kate, isn't it?" Barbara confirmed, double checking her hair in the reflection of a kettle which sat by the sink in her kitchen, once their now empty mugs were safely set in the sink. "And Greg is the boyfriend she wants you to meet?"
Barbara's eyes slowly opened enough to squint a little at the streaks of morning light across the bedroom ceiling. She stretched, cat-like, pointing her toes and reaching up toward the headboard. As she sat up, pushing away the covers a little, Barbara noticed that Ian was nowhere to be seen. It was a curious thing because he was often the last person in the household to be up, and quite often the most reluctant.

Her legs swung around and her feet hit the carpet just as she noticed a note on the bedside table. The scrawls were difficult for her waking brain to decipher but eventually she cracked John's developing handwriting.

Well, if her son was going to leave notes about telling her to stay in bed and continue sleeping for a little while longer, who was she to disagree? Barbara wriggled back under the covers, wrapping herself up so that the entire duvet was her cocoon, and closed her eyes.
Barbara was trying her hardest not to waddle as she walked home from the bus stop. It was difficult balancing groceries and a growing child, but she made it to the front door of her home without stumbling or over balancing, or dropping anything, which was counted as a success. She was happy to have made it home, too. For one thing, the bus was 10 minutes late, meaning she was standing on sore feet for longer than anticipated, and another reason being the peculiar man who had followed her around the supermarket. He'd been harmless enough, though dressed a little strangely, but what had really startled her, was the strange feeling she got about him. It felt as though she'd met somewhere him before, though she couldn't remember doing so. Barbara was fairly certain that she'd remember a man in an Edwardian coat with a matching cravat.

All that was behind her, however, and she had a dinner to prepare, a returning husband to greet, and an entire weekend of re-painting the spare room to look forward to.


DISCLAIMER: These are my thoughts on the character, as developed through fan fiction, role play, fan art, novelisations and the show itself. I will try and add links to specific parts of her canon, especially where the ideas aren't mine, or where threads have resulted in something which I have then used as a canon point.

And of course it's constantly evolving. I simply want to put it all down and see it set out nicely.

Description: Moderately tall (roughly 5'8”), slender brunette. Dressed sensibly in practical trousers with a loose, comfortable shirt or long sleeved jumper and flat shoes. When not expecting to be climbing her way through cities or forests, Barbara might choose to wear a knee length dress or skirt. However, when the occasion called for it, she would adorn herself in stylish, modest dresses and sensible high-heeled shoes.

Despite her dress sense having leaned more toward functionality, she still managed to look pleasant. She was often described in the television stories by various characters as 'beautiful', and 'strikingly attractive' in the novels. And while she may not be beautiful in the sense of Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, Barbara harboured an inner beauty that radiated to the outside, which only became more noticeable through her travels with the Doctor (Novelisation: Doctor Who and the Crusades).

She was characterised by a bouffant hairstyle and didn't wear her hair down in the television series but it was occasionally mentioned that she wore it down in curls before travelling with the Doctor (Fic: Two Planets). Her hair was quite often described as 'thick' and 'dark'.

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