Barbara Wright (AEST) (first_in_time) wrote,
Barbara Wright (AEST)

The Date-Time Farce (For Splendid_Roman)

Barbara sat at her vanity mirror and gazed at her reflection for a little longer. She'd taken the appropriate amount of care on her makeup and hair, and wondered whether she was getting ahead of herself as she glanced down at the show-y feminine garments which managed to cover the important areas. Were they ready to extend their relationship to a level which required underwear of lace and silk?

Of course they were.

Technically, they'd been interested in one another for the best part of a year but it would have been too uncomfortable for others if they'd started anything while on the TARDIS. Now, a month after they'd begun a proper, more serious relationship they were ready to go onward in things. She just had to convince herself entirely of the fact and release any doubt she had. They were ready, and they were both certainly willing, Barbara could tell that from the way he'd kissed her just the other evening. The way he lingered over her and looked into her eyes...

Barbara wriggled into a simple red dress she had selected carefully and laid out earlier in the day. It hugged in just the right places, and gave her a kind of dazzling quality one might call 'sex appeal', but Barbara wasn't one to use such terms. She was appealing, and that was good enough. Hopefully.
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