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Barbara Wright

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The Date-Time Farce (For Splendid_Roman)

Barbara sat at her vanity mirror and gazed at her reflection for a little longer. She'd taken the appropriate amount of care on her makeup and hair, and wondered whether she was getting ahead of herself as she glanced down at the show-y feminine garments which managed to cover the important areas. Were they ready to extend their relationship to a level which required underwear of lace and silk?

Of course they were.

Technically, they'd been interested in one another for the best part of a year but it would have been too uncomfortable for others if they'd started anything while on the TARDIS. Now, a month after they'd begun a proper, more serious relationship they were ready to go onward in things. She just had to convince herself entirely of the fact and release any doubt she had. They were ready, and they were both certainly willing, Barbara could tell that from the way he'd kissed her just the other evening. The way he lingered over her and looked into her eyes...

Barbara wriggled into a simple red dress she had selected carefully and laid out earlier in the day. It hugged in just the right places, and gave her a kind of dazzling quality one might call 'sex appeal', but Barbara wasn't one to use such terms. She was appealing, and that was good enough. Hopefully.
Barbara quickly moved through the ranks of the Youth Movement, steadying the troops for the final push. Few remained of the enemy, and she could see them scrambling to gather their remaining soldiers for one more assault. When the order came, they ran as one, swarming and overwhelming the enemy until they fled in scattered groups of twos and threes. Chase was not given, it wasn't worth it. The ranks cheered in triumph, and were getting ready to provide assistance to the other forces around their lines and other parts of the ship, when the word came through:

They had won.

It was one battle of many to come, of course, but it demonstrated that all of the preparation they'd gone through was worth it. Barbara pushed through the crowds of young rag-tag soldiers to where Ian had been leading. His feet had just reached the ground again when her arms were flung around his person in celebration. His flying serum had worked, and was now being controlled better, so that he could go higher and stop as well as go all with his mind. As a result, it provided that little bit more motivation to their troops, like some kind of secret weapon which might one day win the war. Hopefully there'd be time to perfect it a little more before the next attack.

Barbara squeezed Ian to her in amongst the cheering teens and young adults. "We did it!" she cried over his shoulder, "we won!"

Eei eei oh! (For Splendid_Roman)

The back door was opened and Barbara had to quickly make a grab for John before he ran off toward the children's farm without his parents. One arm went around his stomach, stopping him right away, but her second arm had to stop him from struggling against her.

"Johnny, be patient. We're going to go in together," she told him calmly. Although the amount of calm she had was already waning. The day was cold and dark, heavy clouds were already rolling in with the threat of possible storms. But they had promised John that if he was a good boy they'd visit the children's farm on Saturday morning, which they were about to do. At least they had the sense to not promise him an entire day at the farm.

John didn't seem in the least worried about the weather, he was too busy rattling off all the animals he intended to see; "...and the geese, and the cows - Mummy, I want to milk a cow!"

Like Parents Like Son (Closed)

Barbara glanced at the clock as she dried her hands on a tea towel. Toby and his father would be around soon to pick up John. They were going to see some bands a local festival for the weekend, and camp somewhere nearby the festival. Which meant that Barbara and Ian would have the house to themselves, a rare treat for the two of them.

"John? You're going to be late!" she called up the stairs, "are you packed and ready?"

Ring Ring! (for splended_roman)

Barbara walked the city streets, trying to remember where it was she had to turn to get to Ian's home. She had consulted one of the many maps of Stacey, but they hadn't exactly helped.

He had mentioned something about a clothes shop, hadn't he?

Although she wasn't entirely certain, she knocked on a quaint white door near the clothes shop, and was greeted by a woman. Who wasn't Ian. Or Ian's room mate. However, she was kind enough to give directions that were far more clear (although it probably helped that Barbara was actually in the street, rather than inside the TARDIS).

She felt far more confident about the second door she knocked on, and waited keenly for him to answer. Ian had sounded rather excited. He wanted to show her something he'd been working on. Maybe he had developed those wings he'd been talking about. Or perhaps he'd been fiddling with one of the food blocks from the TARDIS, and had managed to make something which would alter the taste of Stacey's slop.

Another Christmas (For splendid_roman)

On the second attempt, Barbara managed to haul herself up and out of the car seat. She was determined to do as much before Ian could offer more help. He was being sweet, and just trying to look out for her, care for her, but sometimes she wanted to do something for herself. And she wasn't nearly as big as she was going to get within the next five months. If she couldn't get herself out of a car, she had no hope.

"I'm alright," Barbara smiled at Ian and helped by grabbing one of the lighter bags from the popped up boot. She took it to the front door where a disappointed Katy was waiting for them.

"I wanted a new cousin for Christmas," she pouted.

Barbara chuckled in response. "Unless the last five months are going to suddenly fly by over night, I can't see that happening. Now go and see if Uncle Ian needs any more help."
Barbara tried not to panic. Everything was going fine and well, and dinner would be ready as soon as it needed to be. All she needed to do was make sure that her mother was going to be happy and relaxed.

"More tea?" she asked Joan, who was watching her from the kitchen table.

"Please," Joan replied, and watched while Barbara refilled her cup. "You said he worked with you? At Coal Hill School?" she confirmed when her daughter had turned back to the stove so that she couldn't see the look of distaste.

"Yes, that's right-" Barbara was cut off by the sound of the doorbell. She glanced around the kitchen, a momentary look of terror flashed across her features.

"I'll look after this, you get the door." Joan didn't even wait for Barbara to answer before taking over, and pushing get out of the kitchen.

Barbara tried not to rub toward the front door. She quickly checked her hair in a mirror on the wall, forgot that she was still wearing the half-apron, and pulled open the front door with a nervous but happy grin on her face.